Make a Special Lady’s Day with These Personalized Gift Ideas for Her

Personalized gifts for women are a great idea if you want to give something especially meaningful for a birthday, holiday, Mother's Day, International Women's Day, or a special occasion. By having a custom piece made, the recipient will know that you've put a lot of thought into the gift and haven't simply picked up something from a gift shop on your way through!

Whether the gift is for your daughter, sister, wife, mother-in-law, best friend, or even an employee, the best personalized gifts will be those that:

  • Are in line with her interests
  • Are in line with her style
  • Are in line with her values
  • Are appropriate to the relationship (i.e. You wouldn't get the kind of gift for an employee that you would buy for your wife.)

Fortunately, there is a huge range of items that can be customized with the text, image, and colors of your choice. This creates a near-infinite array of unique gift ideas for the special women in your life.

Personalized Gifts for Daughters

For a birthday or special occasion like a graduation, surprise your daughter with a custom gift to make her feel extra special and show her how much you care. When shopping for the perfect gift, think about her personality and what would be meaningful to her.

  • A jewelry box in her favorite color with her name and a custom quote monogrammed on the lid.
  • A locket necklace with a special message engraved inside.
  • A beautiful wall sign for her bedroom, like this personalized mermaid sign for a young daughter or an inspirational quote like this Run after every dream in your heart sign
  • Personalized stationery, such as a notebook or journal, with her name and pictures from her favorite theme (flowers, dancers, music notes, sports, etc.)
  • A spill-proof tumbler with her name and favorite quote so that she can carry water, tea, or home-made lemonade with her when she goes out
  • A personalized bottle of her favorite perfume, if there's a particular fragrance she likes to wear
  • A toiletry or makeup bag in her favorite color with her name monogrammed in stylish lettering
  • Customized sneakers that she can use when she goes out running or walking
  • A personalized phone or tablet case to protect her device and help it stand out from the rest

Personalized Gifts for Sisters and Best Friends

A custom gift is one of the best ways to celebrate sisterhood and friendship. It gives you the chance to show a special lady in your life that you know her inside out. These unique gift ideas are straight from the heart and make excellent birthday gifts or goodbye gifts for friends who are moving away.

  • Friendship jewelry, such as engraved bracelets, to keep you connected whenever you're apart
  • A wall sign featuring a quote she loves
  • Personalized wine glasses so that you can share a drink from wherever you are
  • A coffee mug with her name and an inspirational quote
  • A monogrammed tote bag, duffle bag, or weekender bag so that she can come and visit you whenever she wants
  • A custom T-shirt, sweatshirt, socks, or baseball cap with her name, a quote, or a picture of her family or pets
  • A custom area rug featuring her favorite colors, designs, or flowers. This is the perfect present for a friend or sibling who's moving to a new home.

Personalized Gifts for Your Wife

Is there a special date coming up? For a winning birthday, anniversary, or holiday present, consider these truly unique personalized gifts. If you're struggling to think of what to get your other half for Mother's Day, these presents also make great Mother's Day gift ideas for a wife.

  • A wood-framed photo sign that brings your best family photo to life
  • A personalized family name sign or an acrylic wall calendar that she can use to stay organized (and keep everyone else organized as well!)
  • A personalized jewelry purse that she can use to store her jewelry safely on the go
  • A personalized pocket mirror that she can take with her for that last-minute check before a party or event
  • A personalized gift set featuring gourmet cooking items, gardening items, herbal teas, or something else that she likes
  • A personalized coffee mug with a special message like "I love you sweetheart" and a picture of the two of you together
  • A wine decanter set with her name monogrammed in fancy lettering
  • A personalized chopping board or cheese board for the perfect combination of practicality and style
  • A monogrammed apron and oven mitts if she loves to cook
  • A chocolate bar with a personalized wrapper that reads "Thank you for making our lives that much sweeter" or "A special treat from us to say thank you"
  • A monogrammed bathrobe, bath towel, and hand towel so that she can kick back and relax
  • A personalized lip balm featuring her favorite moisturizing ingredients
  • Customized candles featuring her favorite scents with her name and a message like "You brighten up my life"

Personalized Gifts for Your Mother or Mother-in-Law

For a 50th birthday gift for her, a holiday gift for your mother-in-law, or a gift to show your mom you appreciate her, a custom gift like the ones on this list expresses thoughtfulness and effort. If it’s in line with her interests, she'll adore any of these beautifully crafted gifts, finished with a personalized touch.

  • A photo sign featuring the whole family together
  • A crystal cube printed with her favorite family photo and your names
  • A personalized ladies' watch with her name and birth date
  • A subscription that's related to her interests, such as a gourmet cooking box, pet care box, gardening box, or book club subscription
  • A personalized blanket, throw cushion, or tapestry featuring a family photo and your (and your children's) names
  • A personalized gardening pot in her favorite color with her name and the phrase "Grown with love"
  • A personalized wind chime with your names engraved on the windsail
  • Personalized bakeware in her favorite colors with the phrase “Made with love” written on the side

Personalized Gifts for Employees

If you’ve never marked International Women's Day at work (many workplaces in the U.S. don’t), why not create unique gifts for your female employees with office items that feature their names? These personalized gift ideas are also perfect for birthdays and work anniversaries.

  • A personalized bookmark with each employee's name and a decorative tassel (go for a gold-plated bookmark for a birthday or anniversary)
  • A refillable pen engraved with the employee's name in elegant lettering
  • An engraved gold flower pin or brooch 
  • A flower or bunch of flowers with a handwritten note expressing your appreciation for each employee and her work

Getting the Right Gift

As you would have gathered by now, pretty much any gift you can imagine can be personalized with the recipient's name. However, to ensure that you find the perfect fit for a special woman in your life, you'll need to dig a little deeper.

  1. What is she interested in? Think about her hobbies. Does she like reading and playing the cello or is she more of an outdoor adventurer? Try to find a gift that will enhance something she already does rather than a gift that might appear to suggest that she "should" use perfume, apply makeup, bake, go to the gym, etc.
  2. What is her preferred style? Observe her choices of clothing, jewelry, and accessories, and try to match your gift to the materials, colors, and styles that she usually wears. A few popular fashion styles include classic, minimalist, business casual, streetwear, athleisure, preppy, boho chic, vintage, retro, ethnic, girly, and country.
  3. What does she care about? Women who are big on sustainability and ethical consumption will value a gift that's eco-friendly, handcrafted, and produced locally by a small business. Be mindful of her sensibilities when ordering a gift for a present that she'll love.

A Gift to Treasure Forever

Personalized gifts are extremely accessible, with items for every interest, relationship, and style. Surprising a special lady with a custom gift is often as simple as picking out a pre-made item and adding that little personal touch.

When choosing gifts for the special women in your life, think about their hobbies and values for a thoughtful gift that shows your attention to detail. And, if it's a family member, make sure to spend time with her doing something you both enjoy—that’s the most personalized gift of all.

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