8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Your Wife Will Love

Finding the right Mother’s Day gift for your wife can be tricky. She doesn’t want another Super Mom mug, and that fragrant body wash gift set you bought her last year might have sent the wrong message. If you want to find the best Mother’s Day gifts for your wife, it should come from the heart, and it should be something that enriches her life. Only you know the kind of gift that will get her excited, but we have a few suggestions and tips to get you started. 

1. A Custom Photo Print 

A custom wood-framed photo is a gift that’s unique and meaningful, combining multiple things that she loves: artwork, home decor, and the whole family together. 

If you really want Mother’s Day to be magical, opt for a formal family photoshoot. Then take the best photos and immortalize them as custom photo prints for the wall. Custom family name signs also make an excellent addition if you’d like to complete the presentation. 

2. A Stylish T-Shirt

There’s nothing wrong with buying her clothing for Mother’s Day, but you have to know what you’re doing. For instance, make absolutely certain that you know her correct size (hint: check her closet and refer to the outfits she wears most frequently). Also, consider the styles she loves. If you want the gift to be a hit, you have to buy things she likes, not things that you think she’d look good in. 

Women’s T-shirts make great gifts because they’re a timeless fashion staple and they’re easy to shop for. You don’t have to worry about the kinds of subtle style nuances associated with dresses, blouses, and other women’s apparel. With a T-shirt, you mainly just have to focus on getting the color and message right. 

3. A Subscription Box 

If you know her interests, you can probably find a subscription box that she’s going to love. For example, there’s the TheraBox for the mom who’s passionate about self-care. There’s the IPSY box for the mom who loves beauty and cosmetics. There’s the UNDISCOVERED Artisan Box for the mom who loves to travel. 

There are subscription boxes for wine lovers, tea lovers, charcuterie lovers, new moms, and even introverts. And best of all, she’ll get a new gift every month. 

4. Custom Jewelry 

Much like clothing, jewelry requires a lot of thought and care. Don’t buy something just because it looks shiny. You have to take a good look at the jewelry she already wears and get a feel for the style she loves. 

Does she like silver? Rose gold? Turquoise? What are the styles and types of accessories she wears proudly? Once you know that, consider how you can customize it—perhaps with an engraving or monogram. Make it from the family, and give it sentimental value. Then you’ll have the perfect gift. 

5. Health and Fitness Equipment 

We’d like to add one more entry to the “tread lightly” category. It’s okay to buy health and fitness equipment, but if you don’t do it right, things could get ugly (who can forget the dreaded Peloton ad featuring a man gifting his wife an exercise bike?). 

It’s okay to buy fitness equipment if: 

  • 1) She specifically asks for it.
  • 2) You’re adding value to her already-active lifestyle, such as by investing in a fancy pedometer that will help her track her marathon training more easily.
  • 3) You’re replacing or upgrading something she already uses on a regular basis. For instance, if you’ve noticed that her yoga mat is looking a bit tattered after years of abuse, you might get her some sleek new yoga equipment. 

6. A Spa Day 

Moms are some of the hardest-working people on the planet. If you’re wondering if she needs a break, she definitely needs a break. 

A spa treatment is a common Mother’s Day suggestion, even bordering on cliche, but it’s a guaranteed winner. You take the kids for the day, and she gets to pamper herself and enjoy some much-needed self-care. 

7. Business Essentials 

Does your wife run a business? Consider getting her a custom business sign (acrylic logo signs are especially stunning) or a practical gift for the office–like a customized wall calendar to keep track of all her meetings and deadlines (perfect for busy moms trying to balance their personal and professional priorities). 

Other possible business gifts include hands-free communication technologies, personalized pen sets, or perhaps a coffee maker for the office. 

8. A Relaxing Getaway 

We’re not talking about a family getaway. We’re talking about giving Mom a break as a way of saying thank you for dedicating every waking moment to the family—and especially the kids. 

So this can go a couple of ways: You can surprise her with a night or two on her own at a nice hotel (either as a staycation or at a nearby vacation destination), or you can take the kids for a couple of days and go fishing or to visit Grandma and Grandpa—just so Mom can have a couple of days to herself to relax, Netflix-binge, and enjoy total freedom with no responsibilities. 

It Really Is the Thought That Counts 

When it comes to finding the best Mother’s Day gift for your wife (or your mother, mother-in-law, or any other special woman in your life), the important thing is to put real thought into it and make it personal. 

If you’re still having trouble finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea for your wife, be sure to check out our list of the best gifts for the mom who doesn’t want anything.

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