24 Awesome Goodbye Gifts for Friends Moving Away

Saying farewell to good friends can be bittersweet, but a meaningful gift can help you to stay connected even after they move away. Going away gifts usually focus on items the friend can remember you by or items that will be useful at their new destination. If the gift is especially heavy or large, consider having it sent straight to their new address.

Still Connected Gift Ideas

Just because your friend is moving doesn't mean you'll no longer be friends. These thoughtful gifts keep you and your friend connected across the distance after they relocate. If it's your significant other moving away, consider these long-distance relationship gifts.

Friendship Picture Frame

Friendship picture frames come with your and your bestie's names etched on the frame and have a space for mounting a photo of your best memory together. This thoughtful gift won't take up too much space, so you can give it to your friend before they leave.

Favorite Quote Wall Sign

Have a quote or song lyric that you and your friend love printed to create a custom wood-framed sign. They will remember you every time they see the sign hanging on the wall of their new home! Because signs can be quite large, consider having it sent directly to your friend's new address so they can hang it up as soon as they arrive.

State-to-State Keychain

Give your friend a daily reminder of your friendship with a state-to-state or country-to-country keychain. These keychains feature both of your states (or countries) with a heart in between, symbolizing your long-distance friendship.

Best Friend Necklaces

This is an oldie but a goodie. Sterling silver best friend necklaces feature pendants that come together to make a heart or another meaningful shape. Have your names and "forever friends" etched on each half and wear them over your hearts.

Memories from Home

There are some really cute going-away gift ideas that focus on the state your friend is leaving. According to research, around 5.6 million Americans move interstate each year and 1.4 million move abroad. These presents can help your friend remember the good times and comfort them when they feel homesick.

Homesick Candles

There's nothing like scent to bring back memories and help you feel at home. Homesick candles combine the most iconic aromas of each state in a single candle scent so that your friend can breathe in the fragrance of home whenever they want. This is the perfect gift for someone who loves hiking in nature and will miss their favorite trails.

Customized Map Puzzle

A custom map puzzle is a unique gift idea that you can order online. Have a map of your state made into a puzzle that your friend can put together whenever they miss home. Include their favorite places and their old address for a personal touch.

Home-State Clothing

For a friend or family member moving interstate, home-state clothes make a great gift. You could buy your friend a T-shirt, sweater, or scarf featuring their home state or the logo of their sports team to wear when they miss home.

Photo Book

A photo book is the ultimate nostalgic gift. Put together all of your favorite photos in a photo album or scrapbook for your friend to look at when they feel homesick. If it would take up too much space, a pocket-sized accordion photo box can work great, too! 

A Memory Teddy Bear

Use scraps of material from past memories with your friend to make a cute memory teddy bear. This could include things like old pajamas, bed sheets, or sleeping bags that are no longer strong enough to use. Once the bear is done, sign it with a washable permanent fabric marker with a sweet message for your friend.

A Care Package

The moving process can be tiring and stressful. Make it a little easier with a special care package for your friend. While there is an infinite variety of thoughtful gifts you could include, these are some of our favorites for making friends smile.

  • Moving care package. Include things they'll need for moving like scissors, packing tape, a black permanent marker, a multitool, toilet paper, and cleaning items.
  • “Just arrived” care package. Include things they'll need to get them through the first few days, such as a meal gift card, cleaning services gift card, hardware store gift card, or a massage or spa day gift card.
  • Spa day at home care package. Include a beeswax or scented soy candle, lip balm, moisturizer, essential oils, and herbal tea.
  • Favorite treats care package. Put together your friend's favorite treats from home, including their favorite beverage, favorite packaged snacks, and any local herbs or spices that won't be available in their new locale.

Something for Their New Adventure

As well as helping your friend remember where they're coming from, a farewell gift can also help them look forward to their new adventure. Try these gift ideas:

  • A packet of seeds for their new garden
  • A coffee shop coupon to help them explore their new neighborhood
  • A map of their new neighborhood
  • An experience at their new location
  • A notebook to help them get organized at their new job
  • A personalized travel mug to keep hot drinks warm while traveling to college or work
  • A keepsake box to keep new treasures safe

A Promise That You'll See Each Other Again

These gift ideas work well for a friend moving away to another state, rather than overseas (unless you have a few thousand dollars to spare!). It's likely that they'll visit home at some point, and that's something you can get excited about when you say farewell. 

  • Give your friend an airline gift card that they can use to travel back home.
  • Give your friend a savings box with a map of your home state and a clear lid to help them save up for their next visit.
  • Have personalized wine glasses made so that you can look forward to the next time you'll be able to enjoy a cup of wine together. 
  • If your friend is moving overseas, you can give them a special letter-writing kit that they can use to write to you until they're able to visit. While email is easy and quick, something written by hand will be treasured for a long time.

Your Gift Is Sure to Warm Their Heart

You know your friend and what makes them tick, so you're ultimately the best person to think of a unique gift that will make your friend smile. And whether it's something small like a keychain or something big like an airline voucher, your thoughtful gift will show him or her that they're loved and will definitely be missed!

After your friend moves away, remember to call and ask how they're doing and go to visit if you can. Once you both settle into your new long-distance friendship, your gift will serve as a reminder that your thoughts and support are never far away.

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