How To Make Signs Online Course
How To Make Signs Online Course
How To Make Signs Online Course
How To Make Signs Online Course
How To Make Signs Online Course
How To Make Signs Online Course
How To Make Signs Online Course

How To Make Signs Online Course

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Ready to learn sign making on an expert level? This top-selling course teaches you the best paint pens for the job, packaging & shipping, sourcing your materials at an affordable cost, what platforms to sell on (Etsy, Amazon or Shopify), lettering on acrylic and wood, marketing your signs on social media, SEO and paid advertising, how to get clients, how to price your signs, and so much more valuable information we have learned over the course of a decade! Kaylie and Josh, the owners of Mulberry Market, successfully created a 7 figure business in 2012, that has become one of the top selling sign companies in the U.S. They've learned over the past 10+ years how to make quality handmade signs, find affordable materials, how to ship worldwide, how to find their customer base, how to market and sell on three platforms and so much more. Now they're sharing what they've learned with you! This brand new course was filmed on their farm, where they've learned to juggle raising their four children, running a small farm, and managing their small business.

✅ Unlimited access to all the course videos & content on protected student-only pages.

✅ Watch anywhere, anytime! Although our content is based in the USA, we designed this course to work anywhere, regardless of where you live or your timezone. 

✅ Included with your enrollment is our EXCLUSIVE list of supplies / recommendations we're only sharing with our students. 


Intro Video #1: Kaylie’s Story

Intro Video #2: Housekeeping 

Class 1: Hand Lettering Basics

  • Video 1: The Foundations of Hand Lettering

  • Video 2: All the Best Paint Pens for the Job

  • Video 3: Determining Your Lettering Style

Class 2: Sketching Your Design

  • Video 1: How to Create a Design Concept on Paper

  • Video 2: How to Be Original

Class 3: Sourcing Acrylic

  • Video 1: Where to Find Acrylic

Class 4: Sourcing Wood

  • Video 1: Where to Find Wood

Class 5: Lettering Acrylic Signage

  • Video 1: How to Hand Letter an Acrylic Sign

  • Video 2: How to Paint the Back of an Acrylic Sign

Class 6: Prepping, Staining, and Lettering Wood Signage

  • Video 1: Cutting, Sanding, and Staining a Piece of Wood

  • Video 2: How to Hand Letter a Wood Sign

Class 7: Embellishments

  • Video 1: Metallic Pens

  • Video 2: Ombre Painting on Acrylic

  • Video 3: Florals on a Wood Sign

Class 8: Packaging & Shipping Signage

  • Video 1: Supplies & Materials

  • Video 2: Shipping Demonstration for Acrylic & Wood Signs

  • Video 3: Shipping Profiles, International Shipping, and Problem Solving

Class 9: Marketing & Pricing Signage

  • Video 1: How to Leverage Instagram & Social Media

  • Video 2: SEO Basics for Your Website

  • Video 3: Email Marketing & Paid Ads

  • Video 4: Pricing Strategy & Discounts

Class 10: Moving Your Handmade Biz to Your Own Site

  • Video 1: Etsy vs. Shopify (pros and cons)

  • Video 2: What website platform is best for you?


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