The Perfect Sizes for Wedding Signs on Your Special Day

Specific wedding sign sizes are recommended for welcome signs, ceremony signs, seating chart signs, bar menu signs, and photo booth signs. Getting the size of each sign right ensures that your wedding guests will be able to read the text easily and prevents people from crowding around the signs. 

Wedding signs play a crucial role in guiding guests, setting the tone, and enhancing the overall aesthetic of the day. Knowing the right sizes for various wedding signs will help you create the perfect wedding sign decor.

Wedding Welcome Sign Sizes

As the guests arrive on your wedding day, a well-placed wedding welcome sign with both of your names and the wedding date sets the tone for the event. Opt for a welcome sign in a size of around 24x36 inches (60x90 cm) or larger for outdoor venues so that it is easily visible from a distance. These are also suitable dimensions for direction signs. Indoor wedding welcome signs can be slightly smaller; a size of 18x24 inches (45x60 cm) is ideal. 

This black acrylic wedding welcome sign is perfect for a sophisticated gathering. Our custom wood frame wedding welcome sign is another popular choice that’s perfect for indoor and outdoor affairs. Welcome signs should use fonts and designs that align with your theme, conveying warmth and hospitality. Wedding welcome signs can be set on an easel and larger signs can be propped on the ground next to a beautiful flower arrangement for an eye-catching vignette.

Wedding Ceremony Signs

Ensure that your guests are well-informed about the ceremony proceedings with a clear and legible program sign. Aim for a size of approximately 18x24 inches (45x60 cm) to allow guests to read the details without crowding around the sign. Wedding signage at the ceremony should include the order of events, special readings, and additional details while maintaining an elegant design that complements your wedding venue and style.

Some couples encourage attendees to put their phones away during the ceremony. An "unplugged ceremony" sign is a gentle yet clear way to inform guests of this request. For a professional and balanced look, you can consult with a wedding planner for ideas on how to display your wedding signs creatively. If you are concerned about guests spreading viruses during your wedding celebration, consider these creative social distancing wedding sign ideas.

Seating Chart Signs

A seating chart sign should be around 24x36 inches (60x90 cm) or larger to ensure legibility and allow guests to find their assigned tables easily.

Seating charts can be displayed in many ways. Consider:

  1. Cute small table signs of about 8x10 inches
  2. Large signs of 60x16 inches at the reception entrance
  3. Multiple charts of about 22x26 inches hanging on a photo board

Remember to arrange the table numbers and names in a logical order so that your guests can navigate the reception area effortlessly. This is especially important when using multiple charts.

Bar Menu Wedding Signs

Bar menu signs at the bar area or next to your list of dining options are a delightful way to help your guests make beverage choices at the wedding reception. Opt for a size of around 11x17 inches (28x43 cm) for bar menu signs to display a concise list of available drinks. Consider incorporating eye-catching fonts and decorative elements that match your wedding colors and theme.

Custom acrylic wedding signs that display signature cocktails are a popular choice for an open bar reception area. Pet lovers can even use a dog-themed custom acrylic wedding sign with illustrations of their pets and a list of their favorite drinks.

Photo Booth Wedding Signs

According to an internal wedding day study facilitated by, the average reception rental in 2022 was $11,200. If you are spending a pretty penny on your party, you might as well make some memories to take with you!

A beautiful sign near the photo booth can encourage guests to capture memorable moments after they’ve hit the dance floor. Select a sign with a size of around 11x14 inches (28x36 cm) that complements the photo booth area.

Get creative with the wording and design on this sign to entice guests to strike a pose. Incorporate fun props or hashtags on your signs to add a personalized touch and connect the photo booth experience to your wedding theme.

The Right Size for Every Sign

There are so many options for your wedding decor—whether you are looking to display large welcome signs, custom wedding signs, frosted acrylic signs in various sizes, small guest book signs, or multiple charts at your wedding venue.

Your wedding signs are not mere decorations but valuable tools for ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for your guests. Selecting the appropriate sizes for each type of sign will enhance their functionality and visual appeal and help your guests feel welcome as they join you in celebration on your special day.

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