Social Distancing Wedding Ideas

The worst thing imaginable for a couple planning their special day, is to hear they have to tell their close friends and family that they cannot come, or even postpone the day they've been dreaming of! But I'm here to tell you, that with anything, there's a way to be creative and think outside the box! Sure, there may be masks involved, spaced out tables, sanitizing stations, but you can still make it an enjoyable experience for you and your guests! Check out some of these fun and creative ideas we've curated below!

Micro Weddings (AKA Under 30 people)

You may think having a tiny wedding with only your close friends and family seems like your missing out on something big and extravagant, but sometimes keeping things simple and sweet for your wedding day, turns out to be the real moments you treasure. A backyard wedding, a destination elopement out of the country, or even a livestream wedding can have its advantages. Apart from the obvious = saving money, you also get the advantage of splurging in other areas like your top pick photographer, or the dress that was originally out of budget, or even a more lavish honeymoon! Another plus to an intimately small wedding, is more venue or ceremony location options! Think: a romantic hillside, a dreamy sailboat, an art museum, the ideas could be endless!

Signage for Social Distancing MUST HAVES

Apart from having an amazing time, the most important thing is keeping everyone safe and healthy right?? So here's a few cute ideas for social distancing signs! Many of our acrylic wedding signs and wooden wedding signs are customizable to fit your directional needs, whether you want playful signage or short and to the point! Reserved seating is also important for spacing out your ceremony and reception chairs or rows. Add ribbon or florals to areas that are off limits to make them pretty! 

Creative Mask Ideas

We all hate the idea of wearing masks, especially during long extended periods of time, but you can still match them with your wedding colors, or spice them up with patterns or sparkle! Might as well have fun with it right?


The Must-Have Hand Sanitizer

Get creative with your hand sanitizing bottles and ways to display them! We love those little roller bottles!

[Photos Sourced from Pinterest & our own product designs]

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