Wall Decor Ideas for the Ultimate Home Bar

A home bar that's finished with attractive wall decor can become a personal oasis and a real drawcard for guests. With the right fixtures and furnishings, you can recreate the ambiance of a cocktail lounge, pub, tavern, brewery, or winery—right in your home!

To begin, fit out your custom bar with furniture, drinks, and glassware. Then, set to work on decorating the bar area with textures, artwork, accessories, and lighting. Soon, your home bar decor will be so inviting that you'll want to swap nights out for nights in!

Set the Scene with an Interesting Background

The backsplash or wall behind your wet bar provides a blank canvas for creative inspiration. Naturally, the kind of cabinetry that you choose for your bar area will influence the kinds of decor that will work, so keep the space and furnishings in mind when comparing different options and ideas.

Custom Cabinetry

The most iconic home bars often feature custom cabinetry, although it's certainly not the only option. If you have the budget and space to go all out, these ideas for your background can really make your bar area pop.

  • Build your home bar against an existing brick wall for an effortless industrial look.
  • Decorate the backsplash with marble or tiles featuring a playful pattern, stunning mosaic, or bold colors.
  • Cover the wall behind the cabinet with mirrors. This creates a sense of spaciousness and luxury and beautifully showcases your glassware and drinks.
  • Add neon lights and a wall-mounted TV screen to make your wet bar feel like a sports bar. Then, invite your friends over to watch games and awards shows.

Bar Cart or Standalone Cabinet

For a low-profile home bar or corner bar set on a tray table or standalone cabinet, there's a lot you can do to make this area a focal point.

  • Decorate the area with bright wallpaper featuring patterned prints or a mural of the beach.
  • Hang a large piece of eye-catching wall art, such as a personalized Bar & Grill wood-framed sign or a cocktail mixology print.
  • If the home bar is part of your man cave, try any of our man cave wall decor ideas to finish off the space in style.

Make Each Bar Item a Feature in the Display

Once you've set the scene, arrange your bar accessories, drinks, and glassware strategically to transform each item into a visual feature. 

  • Display bottles and drinkware on your floating bar shelves or inset shelving. Mix-and-match glassware is particularly eye-catching!
  • Reserve a section of your cabinet or shelving for a small library of cocktail-mixing recipe books.
  • Arrange your go-to drinks on a serving tray with a glass ice bucket, wine decanter, upside-down glasses, and one or two citrus fruits. Not only does this look visually stunning, but it also makes it easier to move the party from room to room.
  • Add a touch of sparkle with a beer tap made from stainless steel. There are a wide variety of beer tap handles to choose from—select one that reflects your signature style.

Bring Your Bar to Life with Lights

Lighting can make or break a space, and after you've put your other home bar ideas into place, strategic lighting is the final touch.

  • Create yellow or white mood lighting with LED lights on the bar and on the ceiling.
  • Install accent lighting to draw attention to your glassware, beer tap, or serving tray.
  • Try low-key lighting with neon lights at the entrance coupled with generous illumination for a sports bar or entertainment vibe.

Fit Out the Space with Furniture

Now, it's time to complete the experience with furniture that reflects the style of your bar. Seeing as 55% of Americans preferred to drink at home in 2018—and we can only imagine that that figure’s risen—having comfortable and attractive furniture in your home bar is a must.

  • For a cocktail lounge, try armchairs, couches, a floor rug, and throw pillows.
  • For a pub or tavern feel, add classic wooden bar stools and crafty whiskey bourbon barrel drink coasters.
  • For a retro bar, go vintage with brightly colored bar stools and wall posters.
  • For a home brewery aesthetic, make tables from old beer barrels*.
  • For a winery feel, add a wine fridge (if you don't have a cellar) and decorate the space with grapes and vines.

Relax and Unwind in the Home Bar of Your Dreams

Building and decorating a home bar can be lots of fun and creates a natural gathering place for family and friends. Whether you prefer beer, wine, cocktails, or spirits, your home bar will quickly become a go-to place to unwind after a busy day. 

When planning your space, think about the furniture and cabinetry that you have available, the kind of aesthetic you want to create, and the kind of wall decor that will help you to feel inspired and relax. Then set a budget, go shopping, and bring that dream to life!

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