Personalized Gift Ideas for Couples

There are so many cute personalized gift ideas for couples these days; at the click of a button, you can shop for everything from custom map puzzles to monogrammed bathrobes, throws, mugs, T-shirts, cheese board sets, and wall signs.

While we honestly love giving custom gifts at any time of year, personalized couple gifts can be especially meaningful when you and your partner—or a happy couple in your life—are celebrating a special occasion or a major milestone like an engagement, wedding, or anniversary. 

So, what are the best personalized gifts for couples?

Home Decor

Personalized couples' home decor pieces make great gifts for newlyweds and newly engaged couples. In fact, home decor is one of the top categories in the personalized gifts market, which is doing so well that it was valued at around $30.3 billion in 2022.

To warm a newly married couple's home, consider:

  • A customized welcome mat with the recipients’ names and wedding date
  • Wall signs such as:
  • A set of candles with recipients’ names and wedding date or favorite quotes
  • Throw pillows with the recipients’ names and wedding date
  • A matching set of bed pillows monogrammed with the words "Mr. Surname" and "Mrs. Surname"
  • Monogrammed bath towels
  • Monogrammed hand towels


Matching customized apparel makes for a fun and practical gift that a couple can use again and again. On the day that it’s given, personalized apparel can mark a special occasion or commemorate a milestone. Later on, the couple can order additional pieces for new family members who come along.

We love:

  • Matching "Mr." and "Mrs." T-shirts
  • Matching monogrammed tracksuits
  • Matching monogrammed bathrobes

Kitchen Accessories

For couples that love to cook (or eat!), consider customized kitchen accessories. Many of these gifts are handcrafted from sustainable materials and are sturdy enough to last a long time.

  • Matching monogrammed chef aprons
  • Matching monogrammed hemp or jute placemats
  • Commemorative mugs
  • Commemorative cork coasters
  • A chopping board or cheese board set featuring the couple’s surname
  • Champagne flutes or wine glasses with the recipients’ names and wedding date
  • A handcrafted wooden beer caddy featuring the recipients’ family name
  • A wooden wine box with segments to open on their first, third, and fifth anniversaries

Just for Fun

For couples who are already set up, fun custom gifts are a great way to commemorate the relationship without adding clutter to the home. Like our long-distance relationship gift ideas, these presents are aesthetically pleasing as well as sentimental and are sure to be treasured long into the future.

  • A custom map puzzle featuring the place where the couple met or now lives
  • A customized savings box with a glass lid to help them save for their next adventure
  • Customized games, such as Jenga blocks engraved with their names and their wedding date
  • Engraved wallet inserts featuring the couples' names and favorite quotes
  • Engraved keychains with both of their names and a heart

Celebrate Love with the Perfect Gift

Whether you're looking for the best personalized gifts for couples to celebrate a milestone in your own relationship, for a 50th wedding anniversary, or for friends, choosing a gift that speaks to the couple's interests is sure to be a huge hit. 

If you don’t know the couple very well, browse their social media profiles or talk to someone who’s close to them. Soon, you should be able to think of the perfect gift!

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