17 Personalized Long-Distance Relationship Gifts

When you need to be far from your significant other, personalized long-distance relationship gifts help to close the gap—serving as a constant reminder of your unwavering love and devotion. On your loved one's birthday, when you part temporarily, or when you take the step to become engaged (woo hoo!), these gorgeous relationship gifts will warm your beloved's heart, serving as a sign of hope for when you'll be together again.

1. Letters to Open When...

Saying goodbye can be heart-wrenching at the best of times. Before they (or you) have to leave, write love letters and words of encouragement that your long-distance partner can open in times of need. 

"Letters to open when" can be an amazing long-distance gift for a spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend who is traveling overseas, going to college in a different state, or going off to serve our country in the military.

On cute letter-writing paper, compose letters to open when...

  • You feel lonely
  • You miss me
  • You can't sleep
  • You need encouragement to persevere

Fill the pages with stories to remember, inside jokes, and your favorite inspirational quotes or uplifting Bible verses for worry and stress. In a time of need, these letters are sure to make your loved one's day!

2. Long-Distance Messages in a Bottle

This is a creative twist on the classic message in a bottle. Create your own message in a bottle for your sweetheart to read from far away! This could be a love letter with a map inside a single bottle, or "love pills" that each has a short message inside.

Some of our favorite messages include:

  • Thinking of you
  • Missing you
  • Love you forever!
  • You are everything to me
  • Sending you a kiss!
  • Counting down the days
  • You can do it!
  • Sending you a big hug!

You can also include personalized messages that are unique to your relationship and significant other:

  • Missing your laugh
  • Missing your smile
  • Missing your jokes
  • Missing our long hugs
  • Missing watching movies with you
  • Missing long beach walks with you
  • Missing watching the sunset with you
  • [insert your own custom messages here!]

3. Custom Wood Framed Photos

Custom wood-framed photos serve as a constant reminder of the special moments that you and your loved one have shared, and as a sign of hope that you'll soon be together again.

It could be a photo of:

  • The night sky on the night you met
  • The night he proposed
  • Your wedding day
  • The last time you were together
  • A photo of your family together
  • A fun or silly moment that still makes you laugh!

4. Lover's Journal

Long-distance relationships sometimes start online and blossom into a beautiful connection that ultimately leads to marriage. According to surveys from the Pew Research Center, 5% of Americans who are married or in a long-term partnership—and 11% of couples who have been together for ten years or less—met their partner or spouse online.

If you met a wonderful person via the internet (with trustworthy references) and are planning to share a future together, why not record your story in a lover's journal? This romantic gift connects you both from a distance and provides an amazing place to record stories that you might one day share with your children and grandchildren. 

5. Long-Distance Pillow or Blanket or a Pocket Hug Token

When you won't be able to embrace your spouse in person for a while due to work trips, military service, or illness, a long-distance pillow or blanket is the perfect gift. These snuggly presents are printed or embroidered with sweet messages like: "Hold this pillow until you can hold me" and your and your beloved's name. 

As a reminder of your unwavering devotion throughout the day, give your husband or wife a personalized engraved pocket hug token in a cute heart shape inscribed with an inspiring or romantic message and your names. Sometimes, just knowing that your other half is thinking of you—and you of them—makes each day that much brighter.

6. Personalized Heart Map

When you're in different states—or even on the other side of the world—a personalized heart map can help you feel close. One side of the heart features your location, with your spouse or partner’s location on the other. These maps make a great gift for long-distance couples who are dating as well as for a husband or wife who needs to travel for family or work.

7. Custom Coordinates Bracelet

You might be on the other side of the country—or even the world—but that doesn't change the strength of your love. With custom coordinate bracelets, you can keep your partner’s location coordinates on your wrist all day long and imagine that you're holding hands. Awww!

8. State Necklaces

If your beloved is in a different state, hold him or her close to your heart all day with necklaces featuring a map of your and their state. To personalize it, you can have each other's names engraved on the map with a sweet message like "missing you" or "always in my heart."

9. Two Time Zones Watch or Clock

A long-distance relationship involving different time zones can make it tricky to schedule video chats and calls. Keep track of the time in your beloved's location with a long-distance relationship watch or clock that features both of your time zones simultaneously.

10. Photo Keychain

A photo keychain with a picture of you and your other half together is a very sweet and thoughtful gift for a spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend who won't be able to see you in person for a while. You can go with leather, metal, or plastic to match their wallet style and personalize it with your names and a message of your choice.

11. Hand-Made Personalized Wallet Card Insert

This is a great gift for the guys. If he's constantly using his wallet, surprise him with an elegant metal wallet card insert with your names and a message to brighten his day. For this thoughtful present, we love messages like:

  • You are my greatest treasure.
  • You are worth more to me than all the gold in the world.

12. Hand-Made Candle with Their Favorite Scent

A sensual reminder of your loved one can make it feel as though he or she is there! Breathe in each other's scent with a hand-made candle featuring each of your favorite essential oils or everyday perfume. On the label, write each other's names and a heart-warming message like "you light up my life" or "together in our hearts."

13. Personalized Cereal Spoon

This is a cute idea for couples who love eating breakfast together. On a metal or silver spoon, engrave the words "I cerealsly love you" and your initials with a love heart in between. Every time you take a bite, you'll remember that your beloved is doing the same on the other side of the country or the world (even if it's at a different time!).

14. Personalized Coffee Mugs

Do you and your partner have a daily ritual of drinking coffee or tea? Create a personalized mug or cup with your names and the words "imagine I poured this for you" or "soon we'll be drinking tea/coffee together." You could even have the cup printed with your loved one’s favorite superhero (for coffee) as an inspiration to get up and at 'em for the day!

15. Mixtape USB

There's nothing like a classic mixtape for expressing to your loved one that you know them inside and out. Now sold with handy USBs and a retro cassette tape handle, you can fill your "tape" with your loved one's favorite songs and songs that have marked special moments in your relationship. The great thing about mixtape USBs? After copying in your beloved's favorite songs, you can add both of your favorite photos and videos, too! 

16. Personalized Comic

For a partner who loves comic books, create a cute comic featuring your love story with real quotes and comic-style drawings. It could be a single frame or a short book if you've been together for a while. After they’ve read and enjoyed it, you can keep this gift as a memento to share with your kids and grandkids one day!

17. Adventure Fund Money Box

The hope of every long-distance couple is to be together again in person. Helping that moment come closer is the ultimate gift! If you're saving up for the next visit or to finally close the distance, give your beloved a money box with a glass lid and a map featuring the place where you'll be together again. Because the lid is 100% see-through, your love will be able to see how close you're getting to reaching your goal!

Keep the Romance Alive

No matter how long you'll be apart or when you'll be together again, these personalized long-distance gifts can help to fan the flame of your long-distance relationship and encourage you both to persevere. 

And while you look forward to the next video chat, call, or visit, your loved one will know that even if you're not there in person, you are always together in your hearts!

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