Get the Party Started With These 50th Anniversary Decor Ideas

A 50th wedding anniversary is a significant achievement and well worth celebrating with fun party decorations! Not sure where to start? We've got you covered with ideas that are simple, fun, and heartfelt.

Gold, Gold, and More Gold

A couple's 50th anniversary is referred to as their golden anniversary. So this is your excuse to go all-out on gold-colored party supplies! For the occasion, stock up on:

  • Golden napkins
  • Golden cups
  • Golden cutlery
  • Golden balloons that say "50" and "happy anniversary"
  • Gold banners that say "congratulations" or "happy 50th anniversary"

For contrast and depth in their 50th-anniversary decorations, some couples use two theme colors, like gold and black or gold and ivory. If you’re celebrating on a budget, you can often shop for golden decorations and 50th-anniversary party supplies as a set for a slightly lower price. You can also have decorations customized with your names and a photo of the two of you together. Guests can then take these decorations home as keepsakes at the end of the event.

Wood-Framed Wall Signs

Wall signs are a great way to welcome guests to a 50th-anniversary party and can be kept as mementos of the happy occasion. In the entryway, hang an acrylic wedding anniversary sign that reads "Welcome to our 50th-anniversary party" and includes your names. In the living room, hang a wall sign featuring a romantic quote, for example:

Family Photos

If you have children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren, including them in the party decorations is a lovely idea. You could:

  • Hang family photos on the walls 
  • Feature family photos on banners and balloons
  • Turn a family photo into a custom wood-framed photo sign
  • Feature photos from your wedding day

As a nice memory of the event itself, you can take a whole-group photo with your 50th-anniversary decorations in the background once all of the guests have arrived. Then, add the picture to your personal photo gallery!

Anniversary Party Favors

To thank guests for coming to the party, you can have a lot of fun getting creative with golden party favors. These can be featured as party decorations during the event and once the official proceedings have finished, the guests get to take them home! 

For example, you could make or buy:

  • Customized golden mint boxes
  • Customized gold-foil tea candles
  • Customized golden 50th-anniversary balloons
  • An assortment of small gifts in a paper 50th-anniversary party bag
  • Cupcakes presented in metallic gold foil

A Team Effort

There's nothing like planning and putting on a 50th-anniversary party as a group, with each member contributing some of the anniversary decorations, food, or entertainment. If you don’t have family members who can organize the party, it could also be organized by a faith group or community group so that you can simply sit back and enjoy the fun.

In addition to decorations, it’s always nice to make the event extra special with musical items, poems, speeches, and even a 50th-anniversary edition of your original "first dance!" It'll be an occasion you won't quickly forget and an inspiration for all those whose lives have been touched by your and your spouse’s long-standing love and devotion.

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