Get Patriotic With These 4th of July Home Decor Ideas

The 4th of July is a time to celebrate big, and putting up patriotic decor around the home starting a week or two before is the perfect way to prepare for your Independence Day celebrations. Whether you're hosting a 4th of July party or decorating for your immediate family, these 4th of July home decor ideas will help you display your patriotic spirit loud and proud!

Entryway 4th of July Decorating Ideas

Greet visitors, guests, and passersby with eye-catching 4th of July decorations at the front of your house. Popular decorations include American flags, garlands, wreaths, balloons, bunting, banners, and lights.

American Flags

A large American flag on the front porch and small flags on the letterbox are classic 

4th of July decorations. You can also get weatherproof American flag signs for your porch.


Share your patriotic pride with neighbors and guests with a colorful Independence Day wreath on the door. These ideas are easy to make and visually stunning.

  • A bandana wreath made with a series of gathered red, white, and blue bandanas
  • A clothespin wreath made from red, white, and blue painted clothespins and white plastic or wooden stars
  • A summer wreath featuring native in-season flowers and foliage


On the front porch or front fence, try any of these creative garlands:

  • A star garland (you can use this for other holidays too)
  • A patriotic tassel garland
  • A red, white, and blue paper-chain garland

Other Entryway Decorations

In addition to American flags, wreaths, and garlands, you could include any of these ideas in your 4th of July decorations for the front porch. They work great in the backyard or back patio or as part of your mudroom wall decor if your mudroom is located in the front entrance to your home.

4th of July Wall Decor

If you're hosting a 4th of July party, chances are that you'll have a table set up with self-service beverages or desserts where you can display decorations on the wall. Alternatively, use these 4th of July home decor ideas in your living room or above the fireplace.

  • Patriotic paper fans made from white paper or cloth, some dipped in red and some dipped in blue
  • Patriotic wall signs, including American flag signs and "land that I love" signs
  • American flag bunting
  • Stars and stripes bunting

4th of July Table Decorations

If you're hosting a picnic or cookout, the back patio and dining table will probably be the focus areas for your 4th of July decor. There are so many options for decorating the table that you can easily use things you have at home to create fun and effective DIY decorations. When planning your table decor, aim to incorporate American flags, patriotic patterns, and the colors red, white, and blue.

Tablecloths, Table Runners, and Napkins

There are lots of ways to weave all three patriotic colors into your table decor. A white tablecloth provides an easy canvas for 4th of July decorations on top, but red, blue, and checked tablecloths work great too!

  • Try a white tablecloth topped with a red, white, and blue bandana table runner.
  • Use a white tablecloth or white fold-out plastic table with table edging made from red, white, and blue streamers attached to the table with double-sided sticky tape.
  • Use a white tablecloth with American flag silverware holders or napkin rings, or red, white, and blue napkins.
  • Use a red tablecloth topped with a white table runner painted with red and blue fireworks.
  • Use a red-and-white checked tablecloth topped with blue drinking glasses or antique blue-and-white china.

Tip: Whichever color you choose for the tablecloth, sprinkle red and blue confetti on top for some extra sparkle!


Every 4th-of-July table needs a centerpiece. These centerpieces are easy to make and sure to delight your guests!

  • A red, white, and blue flower arrangement complete with American flags
  • Red, white, and blue balloons attached to wooden dowels and anchored in a tin of sand
  • Sparklers in a jar of sand
  • Large American-flag pinwheels
  • A blue-and-white tea set (this is especially effective on a red tablecloth)

Other Table Decorations

If your table is very long, consider dotting patriotic decor along the length of the table. We love these simple ideas:

  • Tealight candles nestled in cups of red, white, and blue dry rice
  • Candles or flowers in mason jars wrapped in printed paper American flags
  • Lemon-boat place markers topped with a skewer-and-patriotic-print paper sail on which each person's name is written
  • A woven or braided table runner that includes a string of fairy lights

In addition to decorative features, you can make the foods themselves part of the display:

  • Cupcakes topped with patriotic pinwheels and red, white, and blue frosting
  • Slices of red watermelon in white bowls
  • Red and blue berries
  • Layered red-white-and-blue Jell-O cups

To complete the space for your patriotic celebration, you can also string lights around the backyard or patio, hang a red, white, and blue quilt, place patriotic throw pillows on your outdoor furniture, and prepare blankets and snack buckets for watching the nighttime fireworks—which is one of the oldest 4th of July traditions.

If you're feeling really keen, you can even use a stencil to paint stars on the lawn, put up red, white, and blue umbrellas for shade, and place red and navy-blue traditional picnic games around the backyard. There's no shortage of ideas for 4th of July outdoor decorations—as long as it doesn't rain!

Patriotic Crafts for Kids

At your 4th of July celebration, children's craft activities will keep little hands busy and produce more decorations to add to the display:

  • Use a large roll of white paper as the tablecloth and provide crayons for children to draw.
  • At a separate crafting table, provide the materials for children to make paper chains in patriotic colors.
  • At the same table, provide pipe cleaners that children can use to make stars and fireworks.
  • For little ones, provide American flag coloring pages and blank pages to decorate with red, white, and blue paint.

Happy 4th of July!

There is so much that you can do with patriotic colors and symbols that 4th of July decoration ideas really are endless. And best of all, you can use a lot of the same decorations again for Memorial Day! 

When decorating, keep the focus on the spaces where you'll entertain and include a mix of prints, patterns, and solids. Once the day arrives, be in the moment and keep the focus on celebration and fun. From our family to yours, Happy Independence Day!

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