9 Mudroom Decor Ideas to Brighten Up Your Walls

Your mudroom—the place where everyone leaves their muddy boots when they enter the house—can become a warm, welcoming space with the right wall decor. In some homes, the mudroom might be combined with the laundry room. In other homes, it's part of the entry room. Either way, these easy and cute mudroom wall decor ideas will give your space an instant lift.

1. Bright Paint or Colorful Wallpaper

Establish your theme right away with a background of bright paint or some fun, cheerful wallpaper. For a nautical theme, consider wallpaper with anchors or sailboats. For a botanical feel, paint the wall a refreshing shade of green or go with a wallpaper design filled with vibrant flowers and lush foliage.

If you decide to paint rather than wallpaper, choose a statement color for the wall that contrasts with the surrounding white or cream. Alternatively, use a brightly colored cabinet for your mudroom storage and make that the feature of the space.

2. Wall Signs

Wall signs are extremely versatile when it comes to decorating a mudroom. Fun laundry room signs like "Laundry Co.: All change left in pockets will be considered a tip" and "Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow" make you (and your visitors!) smile every time you come in. If you're looking for entryway ideas for a mudroom-come-foyer, consider an acrylic wall calendar to keep everyone organized or an entryway sign to welcome guests to your home. 

3. Stylish Dresser

Stylish dressers combine form and function, maximizing your floor space as well as your wall space. These handy pieces provide hidden storage for shoes, boots, sports equipment, and hats. Better still, they double as a console table where you can place your favorite family photos, mail, and some flowers. Neat!

4. Floating Shelves

If you don't have a console table or coat closet, consider floating shelves. Floating shelves provide an easy solution for shoes that can double as a desk. At the front door, use low shelves for shoes and boots. In a coat room, place them up high with coat hooks for coats and hats. Then, put your hats in baskets on top!

5. Chalkboard

Speaking of getting organized, chalkboards make a great addition to your mudroom space. Chalkboards are a classic communication tool and can add loads of color, too. Use it to list each family member's chores, create a daily to-do list, draw a funny picture, or write an inspirational message to brighten everyone's day.

6. Elegant Mirror

Lovers of all things vintage and antique will adore a mudroom with a beautiful mirror. Mirrors add character and charm, reflect light, and add depth—which is especially helpful in a small space. For a rustic farmhouse theme, go for a mirror with a rustic white frame. You can match this with the dressing table and any wall sign frames, too.

7. Wall Lamps

Proper lighting is a must-have if you're creating a mudroom out of a nook or pantry that doesn't have much natural illumination. Fill your space with light with some decorative wall-mounted lamps, or—if you have space—consider a hanging chandelier (classy!).

8. Hanging Baskets

If you're a gardener and love surrounding yourself with greenery, extend the garden into the mudroom with decorative hanging baskets dripping with flowers, ferns, and vines. For an added touch of texture, line your baskets with coconut coir or moss and fill them with houseplants like English ivy or philodendron. Not only do houseplants look amazing, but they can also make you feel happier!

9. Decorative Tiles

Last but not least, colorful tiles make for brilliant mudroom wall decor. Recreate an outdoor scene, simulate the glistening blues of rippling water, or simply use the tiles as a background instead of wallpaper or paint. The best thing about tiles? With the right sealant, they're waterproof, so you can easily hose out the mud everyone brought in on their boots and keep it from entering your home. Perfection!

Make Your Mudroom Your Own

We've shared some of our favorite mudroom decor ideas and inspiration here. However, every mudroom is unique. The ideas that work best for you will depend on the location of your mudroom space (the front door, back door, side door, or in the laundry room), the size you're working with, the available lighting and windows, and the things your family needs to store. 

Some people's mudrooms become dedicated corners for their pets (pet food, water bowl, leash, and bed). Other people's mudrooms look more like gym lockers with sports equipment and training clothes. The perfect mudroom wall decor will help you stay organized and your home mud-free—and give you the inspiration you need to make every day your best!

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