Easy Ways to Incorporate Your Wedding’s Theme Into Your Wedding Signs

You’ve planned out your wedding to every last detail, but wedding signs are often neglected and not at the forefront of wedding planners’ minds. Signs make up the first impression for your guests though, so they’re an important detail. 

Instead of overlooking the wedding signs and just putting up some wooden ones, there are many ways to exercise your creativity and incorporate your theme into your signs. 

Wedding Sign Ideas That Might Fit Your Theme

There are many simple ways to adorn your signs so that they fit in with your theme, but just remember: these wedding signs aren’t just for show. They’re an integral part of providing your guests with the necessary information and will save you a lot of time fielding questions.


If you’re having a seaside wedding, or something rustic or ocean-themed, you can’t go wrong with the classic driftwood look. Use signs like these to point your guests in the right direction without spending a lot of money since it’s possible to use reclaimed wood.


If you’re on a budget and prefer simple minimalistic signs, our printable wedding signs will be perfect. Choose from a variety of beautiful calligraphy that you can conveniently print from home. Frame it up, and you’re ready to go.


Modern weddings revolve around minimalistic designs with an emphasis on clean lines. Here's where acrylic wedding signs will do great. Use an acrylic sign to incorporate your modern theme with bold, clean lines, and don’t be afraid to use modern, sophisticated colors. Think black that's contrasted with more neutral colors.


There's no doubt that soft, gentle colors and flowers will be a highlight of your romantic wedding. Featuring florals, light pastel hues and romantic calligraphy on acrylic signs is a simple way of incorporating your romantic theme.


There's nothing that reflects a vintage theme like wood. With a vintage-themed wedding, you'd be going for decorations with an antique look. Finish off your vintage theme with a wooden wedding sign and let the unique grains, notches, and stain of your uniquely crafted wooden sign stand out.

Must-Have Wedding Signs

Beyond the design of your wedding signs, you want to have the right signs. 

Food Signs

You can’t go wrong with having signs to announce the food. Let your guests know what they can expect out of the menu. This benefits both your guests and yourself, so you don’t need to field any questions about what they’ll be eating.

Welcome Signs

This is an obvious one, but have a sign to welcome your guests. This will let them know that they’re in the right place without you having to say a thing, and will direct them to where they need to be.

Photos and Guest Books

Consider a small sign for a photo booth corner or your guest book. After all, it’s tough for you to direct everyone into making some unforgettable memories together, so rely on your signs to point your guests to these specific places where they can have a little fun and leave you something heartfelt.


There’s a lot that goes into your wedding, but you might accidentally neglect your wedding signs. Signs are much more important than you think. They don’t have to be boring or bland signs either when you can follow some of these ideas to incorporate your wedding’s theme to create a beautiful, seamless experience.

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