These festive and charming signs are perfect for getting everyone into the Christmas spirit.

The countdown to Christmas is officially on and you’re probably already daydreaming about how to sprinkle that festive magic all over your home. Now, grab a cozy blanket and your favorite warm drink, and let’s jump into some Christmas decor. Because honestly, the festive season is way too short to be stressing over tinsel and fairy lights!

Christmas represents all that is hope, peace, and joy. It’s about the spirit of anticipation and wonder. Have you started decorating yet?  Or do you like to wait until after Thanksgiving? When decorating for Christmas, the first thing to think about is color and theme. This is the case when planning a room design, party, or tablescape. When it comes to decking the halls, there are plenty of creative directions to consider. If you’re looking for inspiration to help kickstart your journey, peep the Christmas signs that are listed in our store.

Though Christmas has no strict color scheme, red and green tend to get the job done when it comes to spreading holiday cheer. Whether you use these shades throughout the whole home or just outside, your space is bound to be the most festive on the block. Of all Christmas decorations, Christmas lights are by far the most popular. You can make a big impact in a jiffy with just a few inexpensive string lights. You can even add them to the indoor or outdoor signs that are displayed. Plus, nothing brightens a winter night like outdoor Christmas lights. 

Though some stick to the traditional motifs and palettes, others take a totally unexpected approach. No matter which option speaks to you, we have a scheme for you. Now that December is right around the corner, it’s never too early. If you’re in an apartment, rest assured that plenty of our top picks are small-space friendly signs as well. Christmas may be famous—among many reasons—for its red-and-green color scheme, but there's something to be said about going the metallic route. Mixing tones ups the sophistication factor without losing the whimsical and festive feel of the holiday.

Transitioning the decor in your home from season to season can be as easy as swapping to Christmas throw pillow covers. The Christmas pillow covers will easily make a quick change to Christmas decor, without the expense of buying all new pillows every time. 

It's never too early to start planning your decor. There's something so magical about holiday decorating. Metal Christmas decorations are a wonderful way to celebrate the season while adding color and light. Chances are, you have plenty of decorations left over from last year, but it's always fun to invest in some new pieces. 

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