The True Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is almost here; and that means many of us are tired, stressed, and busy. The next few weeks will go by in a blur—from family, to church, to food, to events....we love Christmas. We can’t wait for the day to come.

Over the next weeks you’ll get gifts from special people in your life, eat food someone prepared for you, and enjoy hospitality someone laid out for you. We’re told to give thanks in all circumstances (1 Thess. 5:18). Surely, this includes Christmas. We feel enchanted as the city radiates beauty from the bright lights and vibrant decorations of holly and silver bells. There is a certain vibe that fills the crisp, cool air as we scavenge shops for the perfect gift for our loved ones. Calendars fill with every holiday event we can squeeze into our already busy schedules to make sure we truly optimize our Christmas experience.

For centuries, God promised his people a Savior to mend the broken world. And after years of waiting, God’s promises came true through the birth of Jesus. Mulberry Market Designs offers various signs to commemorate Jesus's love for us and we hope that you enjoy these Christmas signs as much as we do.

Every year, as the fall gives way to winter and the snow covers the ground with flashy lights on our streets and decorated Christmas trees from house to house, you know that Christmas is around the corner. Most people dress in reds, exchange gifts, feast and do all kinds of things to mark and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope that you can find something in our store that can be part of of your tradition in hanging this season's decorations, and also serve as a reminder of the love of Jesus Christ.


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