11 Easy Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Bathroom walls are so much fun to decorate. And chances are, they're completely bare! If you're building a new home, renovating your bathroom, or just looking to liven up the space, we’ve got you covered. These creative, whimsical, and sometimes outright hilarious touches for 2023 will give your bathroom a personality of its own.

1. Wall Signs

Bathroom wall signs liven up an empty wall in minutes and only take a hammer or drill to install. Love soaking in the tub? Elevate your experience with a "Relax, Soak, Unwind" sign. Love a good bit of humor? Make visitors to your bathroom laugh with a sign that says "Have a Nice Poop!" The most important thing when choosing bathroom signs is to make sure they can withstand moisture and warmth. Aside from that, the choice is yours!

2. Textured Tiles

There's so much you can do with tiles to liven up a bathroom wall. As well as being waterproof (with a good sealant), they come in so many variations! If you're renovating or building a new bathroom, think about:

  • A feature wall covered in floor-to-ceiling mosaic tiles
  • A picture-tile backsplash for a free-standing hand basin
  • A row of textured tiles that “pops” against the surrounding solid-color tiles

3. Decorative Wainscoting

Wainscoting is fabulous and not talked about enough. This classic style of decorative wooden paneling not only protects the walls from scuffs but with some bright or bold paint, it can make a statement of its own! Paint and install your paneling on the lower half of the bathroom walls with a contrasting color or patterned wallpaper on top. Your bathroom will look like it was decorated by an interior design professional!

4. Speaking of Wallpaper...

Peel-and-stick wallpaper really is unmatched when it comes to bathroom wall decor ideas. There are so many types of wallpaper from which to choose and it only takes an hour or so to install! Try some bold wallpaper on one wall as a feature or cover the entire bathroom with wallpaper featuring a subtler design. Remember to protect your wallpaper by installing a backsplash where the wallpaper could become wet.

5. Wall Decal

If you just want a word without the frame, consider a peel-and-stick wall decal. This could be something simple like "Breathe" or a favorite quote to meditate on during your quiet time on the loo or in the tub. Because decals can be a little hard to see, go with a color that contrasts with the wall. Black on white or white on black works especially well.

6. Gallery Wall

Who said artwork couldn't go in the washroom? If there's wall space, it's fair game! Create a whimsical or bold bathroom with your very own gallery wall—featuring black and white photographs, abstract designs, flowers, or humorous prints. Practical tip: As bathrooms can get steamy, choose bathroom wall art that's printed from acrylic or that’s covered with an enclosed glass frame. 

7. Mirrors

Mirrors add a glamorous feel to any powder room and make the space feel larger and lighter. To make your own statement mirror, get creative with spray paints or fashion some elegant metallic leafing. You can often find unusual mirrors at garage sales and antique stores for a great price!

8. Wall Hooks

Wall hooks make a great addition to any bathroom. They give you somewhere to hang extra towels or clothing and some designs even double as a shelf! When choosing wall hooks, try to match them to your other accessories such as railings, door handles, and faucets.

9. Floating Shelf

If you already have enough towel space, consider a floating shelf (or two). Open shelves are fast becoming a popular fixture in modern bathroom designs and have even earned themselves their own Instagram hashtag—#shelfie! They don't just look pretty, though; floating shelves above the bathtub also provide an ideal spot for displaying candles, essential oil diffusers, beauty products, and potted plants. 

10. A Touch of Greenery

Nothing says "fresh" like potted plants, and honestly, we can all do with a bit more green! For your bathroom space, go for moisture-loving plants like Boston ferns, maidenhair ferns, or spider plants. If you love the idea of bathing outdoors, you could even combine potted plants with some nature-themed graphic wallpaper or a whole-wall photograph of a forest, beach, or lake. Divine!

11. Seasonal Props

Finally, your bathroom decor doesn't have to stay the same all the time. Mix it up with flowers in spring, fruit in summer, leaves in autumn, and pinecones in winter. You can display seasonal props on your floating shelves (#shelfie!) or hang different moisture-resistant prints for each season of the year. Looking for inspiration? Take a walk outside! You're sure to find some great ideas for your seasonal bathroom display.

Create Your Very Own Bathroom Masterpiece!

A bathroom with empty walls is really a blank canvas upon which to create your very own work of art. With a little imagination and a few creative touches, you can transform your powder room into a personal oasis, or a room that makes your visitors smile and laugh. 

Think about the way you'd love to feel every time you enter the room—peaceful, inspired, humored, relaxed. Then get to it and start decorating!

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