17 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Expecting Moms

Looking for an adorable and one-of-a-kind baby shower gift for a special mom-to-be? When it comes to the best baby shower gift ideas for moms, we love thinking outside of the box. From charming nursery signs and cheeky throw pillows to canvas art and custom photo prints, these unique baby shower gift ideas will be sure to make an expecting mom feel loved. 

1. Throw Pillows

Can a mom ever have enough throw pillows? Not really! We like to think of throw pillows like frosting for home decor: The best way to add a personalized touch to any home is by “throwing” a few pillows into the mix. 

For an expectant mom who appreciates a bit of humor, a cozy pillow with a funny quote like this “I like Naps and You” throw pillow could be a great baby shower gift idea. She’ll get to snooze in comfort before her baby is born and can use it as a nursing pillow once the little one arrives.

2. Nursery Sign 

If you’re looking for a baby shower gift that is practical and special, a personalized baby name nursery sign is a flawless blend of both. Not only are they thoughtful and unique gifts, but nursery signs can also add a special touch to a baby’s room. There is so much an expectant mom can do with a nursery sign to personalize and celebrate the arrival of her new bundle of joy:

  • Install a nursery sign above the baby’s crib
  • Mount a nursery sign above a nursery rocking chair 
  • Hang a nursery sign on the entrance of a nursery door
  • Make a nursery sign the centerpiece and highlight of a newborn’s room

3. Peel-and-Stick Nursery Wallpaper 

Statement wallpaper is making a comeback and in a big way! Wallpaper is an easy way to add texture and a pop of color to the nursery without the smell of paint, which is why stylish peel-and-stick floral wallpaper could be a cute baby shower gift idea for a mom who’s looking for a fun pre-baby project.

While she’s in nesting mode, the expecting mom in your life can also spruce up her home with peel-and-stick wallpaper by:

  • Adding a vintage-inspired wallpaper design to a master bedroom 
  • Sprucing up a dreary bathroom with a whimsical floral print wallpaper
  • Adding a touch of elegance to any space with an art deco wallpaper print

4. Plants, Plants, Everywhere

For an expectant mother with a green thumb, an indoor plant is a thoughtful gift. Indoor plants are simply the most down-to-earth way to add cheer and color to any room. Plus, aside from improving air quality, studies show that indoor plants improve mental health

For a new mother, go for fun, non-toxic indoor plants like a Christmas Cactus (also known as a Holiday Cactus), African Violet, Boston Fern, Parlor Palm, or Spider Plant. These plants are easy to care for, which is essential for new parents who will be tending to their little one around the clock.

5. A “Mama” T-Shirt 

Any mom understands the value of a comfy T-shirt—especially during the postpartum period. A cute and stylish Mama T-Shirt can be a perfect pick-me-up for a new mom who’s just starting to discover her inner mama strength and wants something incredibly soft and cozy to wear.

When selecting the size for this show-stopper gift, find out her pre-pregnancy clothing size and go a size or two larger. If she’s planning to breastfeed, pair it with a nursing camisole that she can wear underneath to keep her snug while she sports her newfound status on her sleeve.

6. Inspirational Wall Signs

Inspirational wall art is a perfect gift to help new moms feel supported and motivated throughout the journey of motherhood. Being a new mom can be overwhelming, and something like this “Give it to God and go to sleep” sign can serve as a reminder to relax and take each day as it comes.

If you’re looking for unique baby shower gifts, a custom wood-framed wall sign featuring her favorite quote or a wall sign featuring a Bible verse about doing your best would be an excellent choice. Remember to offer any practical help that you can during the first few weeks after the baby’s birth. When a new mom is barely getting any sleep, actions speak far louder than words! 

7. Slippers 

A good pair of slippers keep a soul and soles feeling warm and cared for, making them a very useful baby shower gift! There is nothing like a super soft and comfy pair of slippers on a chilly morning, which is why a cozy pair of slippers is a thoughtful baby shower gift idea for a mom who’s due to give birth in the winter.

Even if the new mom in your life is going to have her baby in the warmer months, slippers make thoughtful gifts simply because they’ll help her relax after being on her feet for much of the day and tending to her baby at night.

Tip: Make sure you know the shoe size of the mom to whom you plan to gift a pair of slippers.

8. An Acrylic Wall Calendar

For a practical baby shower gift idea for an expectant mom, try a personalized acrylic wall calendar. Time flies when you are a mom, and in the thick of it, keeping ahead of newborn appointments and time management can be challenging for someone who just gave birth. 

While calendars pinned to the refrigerator work just fine, an acrylic wall calendar can be a practical and beautiful statement piece that can be used to decorate the kitchen, office, or even the living room. If you’re a fan of pretty but useful baby shower gifts, this one fits the bill!

9. A Spa Care Package

Treat a mom to some much-needed relaxation with a customized spa care package featuring products she loves. At the end of a long day, a spa care package will help create a mini spa experience for a mom who simply aches to put her feet up! 

A spa care package can include anything from bubble bath soaps and foot salts to lip balms and luscious body oils. Other creative products to include in a personalized spa care package include:

  • Bath bombs: similar to bath salts but often packed with therapeutic scents and other natural ingredients that make a bubble bath extra luxurious
  • A stress relief eye mask that elevates a home spa experience to a whole new level of relaxation
  • A buttery soft spa robe to slip on after a calming bubble bath or home spa revitalization experience

10. Cloth Diapers

Most moms will develop a love-hate relationship with diapers. That’s because diapers are necessary for the first part of a baby’s life but create a lot of waste. According to some estimates, Americans dispose of around a trillion diapers a year

So while disposable diapers can be convenient—and are sometimes necessary for a while if a baby develops a rash or is hospitalized—a cloth diaper set is a great baby gift idea for a mom who wants to reduce her carbon footprint. Plus, cloth diapers happen to be super cute and come in all different prints, colors, and sizes.

Keep in mind: Always read the fine print of cloth diaper ingredients to make sure they are indeed eco-friendly. Moreover, cloth diapers are prone to leakage, so make sure you read real customer reviews to find the best leak-proof cloth diaper brands. 

11. A De-Stress Ball

A de-stress ball is a malleable ball that can be squished and squeezed with the hand. The point of a de-stress ball is to provide an outlet for stress. And, since most de-stress balls are made out of slow-rising polyurethane foam, a person can squeeze a de-stress ball as hard as they would like without it losing its form. 

A de-stress ball can be an excellent baby gift idea for an expectant mom to help her when she’s feeling stressed or anxious. A bonus? A de-stress ball can provide a great sensory toy for the baby when he or she is older!

12. Porch or Balcony Decor 

Happen to know an expectant mom who cherishes time spent on her porch, terrace, or balcony? A charming front porch sign could be the perfect baby shower gift idea to add a touch of warmth and personality to any outdoor space. 

From classic American flag signs to warm Welcome signs, front porch signs are a thoughtful and stylish gift if you’re looking for baby shower gifts for mom. They pair well with throw pillows if she has a favorite porch bench, too!

13. Puzzles 

Speaking of front porch fun, spending the afternoon on a porch doing a puzzle is a good way for a new mom to unwind after a long day. For a cool and engaging baby shower gift idea, consider a calming design like this Treasure Island sunset puzzle

On lazy or busy afternoons, a puzzle can help an expectant mom or new mom focus her energy and regain a sense of peace. It also provides a fun activity she can share with friends and relatives who visit to help with the housework during the postpartum period.

14. A Classic Children’s Story

A timeless children’s story will always be a thoughtful and relevant baby shower gift idea. That’s because no matter how hectic a new mom’s life may be, settling down and reading a story to her baby will be a highlight of her day. As her baby grows, it will be the highlight of theirs as well! 

From The Velveteen Rabbit to The Very Hungry Caterpillar, there is no shortage of classic books for the end-of-the-day storytime with a little one. Pick your own personal favorite or find out which books she enjoyed as a child.

15. A Handwoven Blanket 

What better way to welcome a new bundle of joy than with an extra cozy handwoven blanket? Unarguably, handwoven blankets are a classic baby shower gift for expectant moms—especially when the mother’s baby is expected during the colder months.

Available in all varieties and colors, handwoven baby blankets will remain a memorable keepsake for both moms and their babies. Before handing over this beautiful gift, consider having it embroidered or monogrammed with the baby’s name (and birth date if given after the birth).

16. Coffee or Tea Gift Card

Moms who love coffee or tea will appreciate a gift card for their favorite coffee or tea house. A charming way to give a coffee or tea gift certificate is to include a personal note for the expectant mom to congratulate her on her new addition. Likewise, combining a coffee or tea gift card with a bouquet of fresh flowers is a terrific way to show a mom-to-be that she can count on your love and support during this major life transition. 

17. Adoption Baby Shower Gifts

Are you planning to attend a baby shower celebrating the adoption of a child under two? Luckily, most baby shower gift ideas for moms are appropriate to also gift at an adoption baby shower. 

However, while you can go for the classics, certain gifts can be especially meaningful for an adoptive mom. Consider:

  • A baby memory book that captures milestones and mementos that the adoptive parents can look back on. Think: baby adoption date, first photos, adoption announcement, etc.
  • Baby clothes such as baby onesies, blankets, and booties are thoughtful and practical baby shower gifts for moms who have adopted a newborn baby.
  • Finally, a personalized adoption day sign that captures the day a child joined their family—officially—is a heartfelt gift that will bring a family joy all year round.

Thoughtful Baby Shower Gifts Can Make a Big Difference to a New Mother’s Life

With so many high-quality and creative baby shower gifts out there, finding a baby shower gift for an expectant mom can be a lot of fun. However, if you’re struggling to think of a unique baby shower gift, you can always talk to her partner, ask if she has a baby registry, or give her a gift card that she can spend on something she needs.

As a general rule, the best baby shower gifts will be items that are aligned with the mother’s values and style, that are beautiful, useful, and durable, and that will make her life easier or more comfortable while she cares for a new baby. If you can, offer to help out in the initial weeks and months as well as giving a physical present. Being able to snooze in peace with her new throw pillow could be the best gift of all!

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