5 Amazing Acrylic Wedding Sign Ideas

Acrylic wedding signs come in a wide range of sizes and styles and can be designed to match your wedding decor and theme colors. As you begin your quest for the perfect acrylic wedding sign, you will find a plethora of ideas for the welcome sign and signs that display important information, such as the:

  1. Ceremony location
  2. Reception location
  3. Table numbers
  4. Other important details

Acrylic is a lightweight and durable type of flexible hard plastic that mimics glass. However, unlike glass, acrylic signs are much less bound to break. They are also much more lightweight. This makes them suitable for an outdoor ceremony or reception. Here, we’ve gathered five amazing acrylic wedding sign ideas to get you inspired!

1. Clear Acrylic Wedding Sign

A clear acrylic sign is simply that: clear acrylic! It is a timeless and versatile option that provides a blank slate for text, colored fonts, and even pictures. Acrylic signs with a clear background are great for areas that need a simple sign.

Clear acrylic signs are a fun place to start on your hunt for the perfect wedding signage. From seating charts and wedding welcome signs to wedding QR codes and even wedding invitations, clear acrylic provides a simple yet sweet touch to guide guests through the wedding experience.

2. Brushed Acrylic Wedding Welcome Sign

A brushed acrylic welcome wedding sign is a beautiful focal point that sets the tone for the ceremony and reception. A brushed acrylic sign looks like a clear acrylic sign that has been brushed over with a custom color. Names, dates, and other details are printed over the top. Popular colors for brushed signs are pastel pink, mint green, navy blue, and gray.

This brushed acrylic large wedding welcome sign is a great example of a sign that is both eye-catching and elegant. The background color makes this sign perfect for showcasing flowers and any other decor the wedding planner would like to highlight.

3. Mirrored Acrylic Wedding Sign

The reflective qualities of a mirrored acrylic sign bring a glamorous aspect to your wedding decorations. This type of sign is often used for signage at the sweetheart table, as a photo-booth sign, or as a modern hashtag sign. Mirrored signs can be colorless or made with metallic hues for a luxurious and sophisticated feel. Popular tones for the reflective surface include: 

  • Gold
  • Rose gold
  • Silver

4. Frosted Acrylic Wedding Sign

“Frosted acrylic” describes a piece of clear acrylic that has a frosted coating over the top. It looks similar to a window that has been frosted over to protect the people inside from the winter cold. This special overlay diffuses light across the surface of the sign and conceals whatever is behind the sign. This can be helpful if objects placed behind the sign would make the sign hard to read. Frosted signs typically feature a very light white background on which you can place your choice of words, fonts, and text colors. 

5. Acrylic Wedding Signs in Unusual Shapes

For modern brides, the sky's the limit when it comes to creating a unique wedding sign. Have some fun with your wedding decor by swapping the traditional rectangular shape for something a bit different:

The Perfect Acrylic Wedding Sign

According to Marketwatch.com, the world acrylic sheets market in 2022 was worth over 6.3 million USD. This is in part due to the popularity of acrylic signs for wedding ceremonies and reception decor. Acrylic signs offer a cost-effective way for couples to display pertinent information beautifully on one of the most important days of their lives.

The perfect acrylic wedding sign is not too hard to find once you know your wedding style, colors, budget, and specific signage needs. Grab a cup of coffee, spend some time writing down your list, and have fun creating acrylic wedding signs that bring you joy!

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