Best Wallpaper Designs for the Dining Room

Well-chosen wallpaper designs for the dining room can light up the room, create drama, and provide a great conversation starter at dinner parties. A wallpaper chosen with the light, mood, decorations, and furnishings in mind can transform your dining space into a work of art.

For most people, the dining room is the place where you host guests, where you celebrate special occasions, and where you might spend the evenings with family or friends. Beautiful wallpaper sets the perfect backdrop for relationship-focused time that’s filled with warmth and love.

1. Art Deco Wallpaper

An Art Deco wallpaper pattern is a striking, sensational eye-catcher that’s perfect for a dining room wall. Art Deco wallpaper in deep blue with gold accents is daring and bold, a statement of intent for your dining room.

Perfect for hosting guests in the evening, metallic accents look stunning in different lights, reflecting the light of candles or fairy lights beautifully. Rich shades and deep colors such as blue or red make for a warm, inviting, and elegant space.

2. Tropical Wallpaper

Are you missing that summer vacation beach feeling? A tropical palms wallpaper brings a splash of color into your breakfast room and adds a feel-good sensation of wellness, vitality, and sunshine to the entire space.

The perfect complement to wooden or natural material accents, neutral furnishings, and houseplants, a tropical wallpaper is a bold choice for a feature wall that can transform your dining experience.

3. Floral Wallpaper

Floral wallpapers take many forms, from big and bright to small, intricate patterns.

A vintage pimpernel wallpaper feature wall, accompanying either eclectic or complementary tableware, brings a touch of rich luxury to your house. This design is an iconic, classic style that, despite its intricate detail, also comes in muted colors for an understated look.

Colder-toned patterned floral wallpapers like this one would work wonderfully in rooms that get a lot of warm daylight. For north or east-facing rooms, consider a design printed in warmer tones.

4. Gold Wallpaper

What could make a clearer statement of class, style, and luxury than gold wallpaper? Gold floral patterns and golden leaves wallpaper are bold yet chic options that bring together the opulence of gold accents with nature-based themes. A gold embossed damask pattern also brings a regal and luxurious feel into your dining room for an even grander feel.

Tip: For those who love a gold touch but don't want to commit to a solid-gold wall, many wallpapers include metallic accents that contribute a shiny twinkle without overwhelming the room.

5. Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric designs are aesthetically pleasing because of the order and organization we see in the pattern. They also enjoy continued popularity because of their contemporary and fun designs. When choosing color combinations for geometric designs, you can go with related tones or contrasting colors depending on how daring you want your wall to be. 

6. Monochrome Wallpaper

Patterned monochrome wallpaper is where understated style meets pure indulgence. Though many like to introduce a splash of color to their dining rooms, monochrome wallpaper provides a more neutral option that’s just as visually striking in natural or artificial light.

Monochrome patterns pair extraordinarily well with opulent accent features; chandeliers, chrome mirrors, candlesticks, and lamps. They can also work as a more subtle backdrop to a colorful dining room setup. 

What Should I Take Into Account When Choosing Wallpaper?

There are a few key factors to think about when selecting wallpaper for the dining room.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color, Bold Patterns, or Opulence

Dining rooms are spaces that are often dominated by hard, cold surfaces such as tables and dining chairs. This can lead to a room that lacks color and personality. However, a dining room should ideally feel inviting, and a bold wallpaper can bring the depth, warmth, and “wow factor” you want when hosting friends and family.

When Are You Going To Use Your Dining Room and What For?

Dining rooms mean different things to different families. If your dining room is primarily a family space—a place where children do their homework or a room that doubles up as a home office complete with home office wall decor—a lighter color palette or neutral wallpaper might be best.

A dining room is also a hub of family life, a place for family mealtimes, which have far-ranging benefits for everything from academic performance to mental and physical health. If your dining room is more typically used for dining and evening entertainment, you can afford to go with darker, grander patterns.

Consider the Wall Decor and Furniture You Already Have

Consider what you already have before setting your heart on a design. Do you have mirrors, photos, shelves, or decorative plates that combine well with your chosen wallpaper? Too many bold colors can clash with patterned wallpaper, creating a messy and disjointed look. 

For a coordinated dining room aesthetic, think about buying matching curtains and wallpaper. You should also take special note of the dining table and chairs, which set the tone for the rest of the room. 

A note about wall signs and wall plants. If you want to add wall signs after wallpapering your dining room, rest assured that a typical black-on-white wall sign pairs well with most patterned and colored wallpaper designs, including grasscloth wallpaper. Wall plants can also be selected to blend in perfectly with whichever kind of wallpaper you choose.

Wallpaper in Open-Plan Kitchen Diners

If your dining room is separate from the kitchen, consider papering all four walls. However, for an eat-in kitchen, you can use wallpaper to separate the dining area from the kitchen itself. This technique is effective even if you have a small dining space.

When the dining room and kitchen are close together, wallpaper can bring warmth and personality to the dining room and delineate the kitchen and dining areas. Separating the different zones also brings a sense of comfort and awards each distinct area its own character.

Don’t Forget the Furniture and Decor You Already Have

Unless you are starting from scratch, you almost certainly have furniture and decorations that your new wallpaper needs to match. Taking care to match your dining room decor will give you a space that’s not only Pinterest-worthy but one that will be easier to continue decorating in the future.

When selecting decor for the dining room, choose an aesthetic and try to stick to it. What style do you love? Country farmhouse, seaside chic, modern city, or something else? If you have a particular style in mind, you can coordinate all of your dining room furniture, accessories, and wallpaper to create a dining room you love.

With Vision, a Good Eye, and Confidence, the Perfect Dining Room Is Within Your Reach 

Choosing a modern dining room wallpaper requires you to be bold in your choices and clear in your convictions. If you are unsure about how to bring a certain look together, expert interior designers can advise you on dining room wallpaper ideas.

If you’re not sure where to start, remember that designing your dining space should be a fun experience and one where you learn bit by bit. Try different things and see if they work. Have fun decorating your dining room!

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